About Us

Last updated:   May 20, 2022

Our story

Since limitless use of QR codes is envisioned by continual technological innovation, QRTIGER jumped in to provide the simplest yet comprehensive QR code generation software for individuals who want to learn how to integrate the use of QR codes into their personal and business affairs.

Established in 2018, QRTIGER's mission and vision have touched thousands of small and medium businesses and continues to reach more businesses that are struggling to keep up with the use of technology.

About the founder

QRTIGER was founded by Benjamin Claeys, an architect who has been based in Asia for 13 years now. As his love to bring better QR code solutions for businesses and personal brands, he strongly believes in a product that can make other businesses grow, QR codes have helped thousands of brands grow their business worldwide.  

Meet the team

QRTIGER has team members working worldwide, with offices in New York, Singapore, and China that operate both in marketing and customer services. The team is composed of always communicate with each other to better improve the quality of the service they provide for their customers. The team exist out of high skilled and motivated people with different backgrounds.  


QRTiger aims to provide a simpler yet better QR code generation platform for startups and established businesses and personal brands that trying to incorporate the use of QR codes into their business. Our customers success is our success! 


QRTiger plans to expand its jurisdictions by providing better QR code solutions for companies and become the best QR code generator by making the company be known as QRTiger, a platform that links business and personal works with everything.

Our product

As QRTIGER is a QR code provider for different industries, the products it provides consist of different QR code solutions that can help their business operate technologically and smartly. 

QR code solutions

URL QR code. The QR code solution that started all the inspiration for further QR code technology innovation. Since most of the data embedded in a QR code is in URL form, including this feature in our offers is a must for all.

vCard QR code. This QR code solution serves as your portal towards obtaining an important individual’s contact information with one scan through your smartphone. 

File QR code. This dynamic QR code solution allows you to embed different file types as a document, PowerPoint presentation files, Excel Sheets, PDF, and more. As well as attaching audio and video in MP3, WAV, and MP4 format. With these features, you will be able to create a PDF QR code, Excel QR code, PowerPoint QR code, Video QR code, and more.

Social Media QR code. The social media QR code is a dynamic type of QR code solution that houses one’s business or personal social media and business link in one QR code. This solution allows you to give the scanner an option to easily follow you on many social media platforms with one scan.

Menu QR code. The menu QR code is one of the most used QR code solutions up to date. This solution enables restaurants and bars to embed their digital menus into a QR code and continue their foodservice operations in a safe and contactless way.

H5 Page QR code. If you are planning to create a QR code that redirects to your own custom-build landing page, then you should try using this QR code solution. This QR code solution allows you to create your personalized landing page or add your built mini-program code into a QR code.

Multi-URL QR code. A dynamic QR code that allows you to embed different URLs that display according to the scanner’s device location, language, and time. Multi-URL QR code is a great tool to use for brands and companies that operate internationally.

App Store QR code. A type of QR code that enables brands and tech developers to create a QR code to direct people to scan the code and directly download the app. This supports two major mobile application stores, the App Store and Google Play store.

Wifi QR code. A type of QR code that let the user’s guests just scan the code to connect to their WIFI.

MP3 QR code. Allows a user to embed audio that is in MP3 or Wav format into a QR code

Facebook QR code. Instantly embed your Facebook profile or page link into a QR code.

Youtube QR code.  Lets you embed your Youtube channel profile or video link onto a QR code.

Instagram QR code. Instantly lets you attach your Instagram profile link by just placing your link or username into the QR code.

Pinterest QR code. Immediately lets you embed your favorite pins and ideas into a QR code.

Email QR code. A QR code that embeds your email address for people to scan and copy your email address through their smartphones

Text QR code. This type of QR code allows you to store short messages to your loved ones. Whether it is giving a surprise message or confession, having a text QR code is definitely a great means of thrilling up your message sending means to your loved ones.